KRioUtil 0.3

KRioUtil is a KDE program for interfacing with third, fourth, and fifth generation Rio mp3 players. It is meant to be a graphical, more user-friendly version of rioutil.
KRioUtil is still in an early state of development and has not been fully tested.
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See TODO for a list of planned features.


To install enter the following in a terminal:

$ ./configure
$ make
Then as root
# make install

See INSTALL for more details.


These requirements could change in future releases.


To run KRioUtil just type 'krioutil' (without quotes) in a terminal or choose KRioUtil from the Multimedia submenu of the KDE menu.

Colors and symbols in the list

Note: Colors will be configurable in future versions


There are three ways to upload files: drag them onto the list from your file manager, select File->Upload... , click the upload toolbar button If your player has more than one memory unit the files will be uploaded to the selected memory unit. If "All Memory Units" is selected, KRioUtil will decide where to upload the files to for you.


To delete files, select the files you want to delete and click the delete toolbar button or select File->Delete.


To download files, select the files and click the download toolbar button or select File->Download. Then choose where to download the files with the dialog that pops up. If you have only one file selected you will be able to choose where to put it and what it should be called. If you have more than one selected, you will only be able to choose where to put them.


To format the player, click the format button on the toolbar or select File->Format. If your player has more than one memory unit, only the selected memory unit will be formatted.

Refreshing the file list

The Refresh toolbar button will cause the list of files to be redownloaded from the player. Since this is done automatically after each upload/download/delete it is only available when the player is idle.


KRioUtil is free software released under the conditions of the GPL. See COPYING for more details.
KRioUtil was written by Jeff Martini (


If you find any bugs or would like to request a new feature go to the project page at and submit a bug report or feature request.
If you have any questions feel free to post them on the forum on the project page or email me at